is an independent investment network. At TradingPoint, we provide a platform for users to exchange trading stategies, make suggestion, ask opinions from others about experiences, compare brokers, finacial pros, post experiences, and to rate brokers using an one to five star rating system.

Share your stories and your experiences to help others make better choices on the same mistakes that you’ve made in your past. Find best-rated members or pros who consistently outperform the market, suggest professional investment advisors you like, and locate the top finance planners Near You !!!

In order to improve rating accuracy, we validate email address to reduce duplicate ratings from same users. No password is required to rate; we believe TradingPoint should be convenient for any one to use.

Here are the key features:

  • Rate a member or a pro trader
  • Post experiences and complaints
  • Voice concerns
  • Suggest to prevent making same mistakes
  • View experiences
  • Find what equities to avoid
  • Ask opinions from high-rated members before placing orders

Read high-rated member articles

Professionals are encouraged to write artcicle for members.

Make investors feel confident


How does the rating system work ?

When a person signs in as a new member, no star is assigned. As a member, you may discuss stocks in your portfolio, get feedback or make suggestions. Other members in the community can rate your suggestions. At the end of each month, you can move up or move down by 1 star change based on member rating and computer rating. After a few months, you could possibly move up to a 4 star or 5 star pro-trader.

What is the extra bonus?

Each month your monthy "star rating" can change; once you become a 4-star or 5-star trader, you can earn extra bonus since other members will pay a monthly fee to exclusively view your comments and advice. However, although the rest of the TradingPoint community will still be able to view your portfolio, they won't know the stragegy details of what really makes your porfolio a success.

How much money can I make?

For 4 and 5 star members, you can make 50% of the montly fee other members pay to see your insider details. So, if you're a 4-star member, you can make $10 for every member that joins your "group." For 5-star members, you can make %15 for every member that joins your "group."

How much is the monthly fee, and what payment options do I have?

For all members, the montly fee to view the insider details of the 4-star members is $20 and $30 for the 5-star members. This is only to view the details, so therefore it's free to view all portfolios. Payment options include major credit cards, and paypal.

Are the "pro-members" really reliable?

"Pro-members" are rated by fellow members of the TradingPoint community because of their consistent positive performance. However, star ratings can change so if these members are no longer reliable, you'll know because their star ratings will drop down. You can view each member's montly star ratings history.

Do I have to pay money to view the 4 star and 5 star portfolios?

No, you don't! You can view their portfolios, however, to see the exclusive details of what makes these traders successful, (comments and blogs), then you need to pay the monthly fee to these 4-star or 5-star traders.




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